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There are as many different collars in the BDSM lifestyle as there are people that wear them. A collar can signify ownership of a slave or submissive or be worn as a type of jewelry by a Dominant. As I examine the different types of collars and their significance, I will begin by pointing out that there are differences in the collar worn by a slave, an alpha submissive, a beta submissive (second or multiple submissive’s in larger households) and the collar a dominant may choose to wear.

Not all disciplines of the BDSM Lifestyle recognize the fact that a dominant will wear a collar; however there are a number of communities that do embrace the practice. It does take on a different symbolism when on the neck of a dominant than on a submissive or slave. A Dominant’s collar tends to mark that person as a participant in the BDSM lifestyle and signifies the wearer as being a ‘Top’ within SM play. This is ‘flagged’ or signified generally by the design and style of the collar.

A Dominant’s collar does not generally have ring attachments for leashes or bondage devices. It will not have hardware to place a lock or other symbols of ownership. It usually looks more like jewelry or a showpiece and can be quite elaborate and have a bolder look to it than the matching collar a Dominant will put about the neck of their submissives or slaves. The practice of wearing Dominant collars is more widely seen by female Dominants and in the gay leather community while other Dominants tend to wear gauntlets, Dom bracelets or armbands. The collars male Dominants wear tend to be larger in width and feature ‘tools’ such as longer spikes, that can be utilized during a scene. The wearing of a Dominant collar is based more on location, acceptances and local practice than protocol or tradition.

The Dominant will always own their collar. This is generally a collar purchased to signify their position. Although many Dominants who served as a submissive or slave prior to becoming a Dominant have their slave or sub collar gifted to them by their mentors or former Master/Mistress. This gifted collar can be modified from the style of a slave or sub and often holds a deep connection for the Dominant who wears it.

The alpha submissive’s collar may look like their Dominant’s collar, especially if they are responsible for beta submissives, or if they have their own slaves. Many switches also fit into this category. These collars may have hardware for a lock while missing the bondage rings. This category of submissive or switch often will have a separate collar for play sessions and a more ‘dominant’ style collar for outings and events where the household is in tow. In these instances, the role of this category tends to be 'second in command' to the primary dominant and the collar will often reflect that in its design.

This collar is generally the property of the submissive or switch and is offered to the Dominant when a collaring is taking place. The slave's and beta submissive’s collars reflect the bondage styles and usually have provisions for bondage attachments, leashes and always have a place for a lock. Hardware for a lock is attached so that the Dominant has the option to formally collar and mark ownership with a lock. This is present on all these collars, even though the lock is often not placed until after a period of negotiation. Many times these collars are not suitable for the submissive or slave to wear in a vanilla situation and thus they are accompanied by an ankle collar, wrist band or necklace that is always worn.

I have always given my collared property three different collars; a formal collar, a “day” collar and a sleeping collar. The formal collar is reserved for lifestyle events, wearing within the household and play. The “day” collar is suitable for wearing in a vanilla situation or to work outside the home. This can range from a choker, a necklace or a small leather choker to represent a collar. To show ownership is the addition of a pendant representing a lock, or similar symbol. I also will give my property a soft leather collar to sleep in.

The beta submissive or slave is seldom collared with their own collar even though they may own collars from former relationships. This level of slave or submissive is collared by accepting the Dominants collar and that collar will remain the possession of the Dominant, unless it is gifted to the submissive or slave upon leaving the service of that Dominant. This is always at the Dominant's sole discretion.

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